ProfiTrace V2.9.5 Upgrade details

New: The measurement duration is included in the report when using the Wizard

New: The Bargraph limit is now adjustable

New: Visibility while using streaming or OPC

Fix: Message recording trigger

Fix: @@@ characters in GSD slave family are supported

Fix: Bit field result can be set in hex format

Fix: Start-up screen is visible

Fix: Message when same PDF name is used

Fix: Segment name in Network Manager is correct

Fix: The total page count in the report was zero when using the Wizard


ProfiTrace software updated to Version 2.9.4

Corrections in ProfiTrace V2.9.4 software

• Fix: GSD library memory leak fixed

• Fix: HSA did not displayed correctly in some cases

• Fix: Corrections to CommDTM

• Fix: Crash in Watch/Modify IO in ProfiCaptain corrected

• Fix: Report corrected to stop occasional rendering fault

• Fix: Slow export to CSV corrected

• Fix: The external scope trigger set-up problem corrected

• Fix: Repeats and Lost were not detected correctly if there were illegals in between


Corrections and new features in ProfiTrace V2.9.3 software

• Fix: Bargraph sometimes disappears

• Fix: It is now possible to change the name of an item, after a merge load


Corrections and changes in previously released ProfiTrace V2.9.2

- Service packs SP1 and SP2 -20 March 2015

• Fix : in initialising the ProfiCore (ErrorType 3 & 5)

• Fix : Reconnect when stream connection is lost

• Fix : Windows 8 drivers installed and working

• New: The CommDTM can now be used free of charge within Endress+Hauser FieldCare. This feature only works with Procentec CommDTM driver V1.0.17.626 or higher!

• Improvement: CommDTM stability has been improved

• Improvement: With reset ("File->Reset" & Reset in the overview tab) the user can customize on what is to be reset. This is helpful when ident numbers need to be saved

• Fix: In ProfiCaptain, when adding modules, the parameter limit was not checked

• Fix: Reporting did not show texts correctly for some languages

• Fix: When intensely using the CommDTM the memory usage would grow slowly but continuously