Apt Projects TCM4000

Apt Projects TCM4000 is a very fast, high capacity, contact management database system that meets these objectives and also includes document management, e-mailing, diary, to-do-lists and telephone system integration for simple click dialling of numbers.

Most importantly, TCM provides flexible search facilities to allow rapid location of any contact, company, document or other data item.



TCM includes an extensive range of user definable database fields and associated identification labels to allow easy customisation to meet the special requirements of your business.

Why develop a totally new database system when you can add new features to a standard product to meet your particular needs?

As TCM most probably already meets a high proportion of your requirements, there may well be scope to cut development costs and cut development time risks!


TCM4000 software includes:

  • high capacity contact name, number and address database
  • contacts listed individually, or by firm or family grouping
  • multiple phone numbers, e-mail and postal addresses for each contact and each firm
  • Post Office Address File compatibility for postcode input (to reduce address typing)
  • links to Microsoft Word for automatic merging of name and address into letter headers
  • links to telephone system (if compatible and connected) for click dialling
  • telephone notes saved for incoming and outgoing calls (whether connected or not)
  • click insertion of user customised phrases into telephone notes to minimise typing
  • comprehensive embedded e-mailing software
  • download e-mail headers first to allow omission of unwanted material (and anti-spam filtering)
  • multiple e-mail address capabilities
  • semi-automatic filing of e-mails into respective contact history lists
  • filing of scanned document images and photos under each company and contact
  • many user customisable fields for each company and each contact
  • fast searches based on first three characters of any contact name or any word in a company name
  • other searches for phone numbers, towns, postcodes, reference numbers, e-mail text or customised for your particular needs
  • diaries and to-do-lists. ‘Year planner’ view of contact dates over a 12 month period
  • flexible report generator
  • Microsoft Excel compatible for data import and export
  • simple data import from other database packages such as Microsoft Outlook and ACT
  • Web publishing features for remote access by mobile devices (PDAs and notebooks)
  • Sage 50 accounts package links
  • asset database fields
  • helpdesk / customers service management options
  • call-centre features
  • booking system
  • stock control system
  • training and customisation services
  • telephone support