Live COMbricks Demo Website Enhanced

Procentec staff are frequenty enhancing details and content of their live COMbricks demo web page and, for example, have recently added a PA Link module, new RS-485-IS Repeater and new start-up screen!


The demo site opens showing the Channel List page with realistic pictures of each fitted COMbricks module in the addressed installation, giving an immediatley clear indication of the equipment being used. This display also shows address details of the PROFIBUS devices to which each module is connected and the particular network number to which that segment is assigned.


COMbricks is the new modular PROFIBUS system health monitoring and reporting equipment for long term performance checks on operational systems. From Procentec, the ProfiTrace designers, this kit provides on-going assurance that your systems remain healthy over the years and that any potentially threatening weaknesses which may arise are highlighted before they can impact on operational system performance.


The demo installation, at time of writing, includes one Head Station, with two 2 Channel Repeaters, three (single channel) Scope Repeaters, one PA Link module and one RS-485-IS module linking two separate PROFIBUS networks, each with a Master and at least three Slave Devices. Network 1 includes both DP and an Instrinsically Safe segements, with network 2 having both DP and PROFIBUS PA segments.


Network 1, running at 1.5 Mbps, links DP slaves at addresses 34 and 85, with an RS-485-IS slave at address 58. Network 2, running at 500 Kbps, links slaves at addresses 28 and 71 and two PROFIBUS PA slaves at addresses 21 and 102. Both networks currently show occasional message errors, which can sometimes be seen in the Statistical reports.


Note that Network 1 occasionally shows a terminator error on the segment to Scope Repeater at Slot 3 (connecting Slave 34). When set, this can be clearly seen from the unusual oscilloscope waveform oscillations and much higher than expected bar-graph signal. If you click over a small oscilloscope image, this will be expanded and also then allows time/base adjustment.


This demonstration, shows real-time information from test kit actually running now in the Procentec premises in Holland and includes potentially useful features which could be used for remote monitoring of your PROFIBUS installations, today and tomorrow! Although correctly specified and installed PROFIBUS systems are often very reliable and resiliant, these tools, together with Procentec ProfiTrace, enable preventive maintenance checks – with emailed alarm reports possible from COMbricks systems, together with hard wired digital contacts for local fault lamps, buzzers or connection to SCADA systems for operator advice. Low level data is also offered from the Head Station over the Ethernet port for FDT, OPC or SNMP access.


In your plant or system risk assessments, what difficulties, and associated costs might follow from network failure? Are you adequately covered to cope with, or better, prevent any such failures – or do you need a background automatic check system like COMbricks?

Please call for further information, or to discusses how we might help you to ensure long term reliability and availability of your plant.

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