Contact Database

Every business and every office needs to keep accurate, up-to-date and easily accessible lists of names, phone numbers and addresses for customers, suppliers, staff and others.

By saving these in a computer network together with details of contact history such as telephone call notes, letters and e-mails, we can allow immediate availability of latest information to all authorised users and easy backup for security.

Essential Requirements

Everyone will have their own opinion as to what the most essential requirement should be, but for the moment we feel that a good contact management database should be.....

  • Useful to everyone in the business
  • Easy to use (and set-up in the first place)
  • Allow very fast searches to find individuals or companies
  • Cover prospects, customers, suppliers and company staff
  • Hold several different postal, email and website addresses for each contact / business
  • Allow different head offices, branch offices, Accounts Dept, invoice addresses etc
  • Cater for multiple contact and company phone numbers, fax numbers, mobiles etc
  • Store extensive, dated, listing of all contact history : calls, texts, letters, emails etc

Such a database is an important enabler for everyone working in reception, HR, marketing, sales, order taking, purchasing, Accounts and most other departments needing contact with colleagues, prospects, customers and suppliers. It should allow single point recording of any address, name, or other contact details changes, rapid reviews of contact history, joined-up decision taking over different internal departments and the ability to quickly pull useful management reports together.

Useful Extras

Once again everyone will have their own ideas about what else should be included, but we feel...

  • Comprehensively integrated and powerful e-mail system
  • Linkage with a modern phone system to allow click dialling from database
  • Automatic search for contact name associated with each incoming phone call
  • Scope for adding customised database fields, with associated searches
  • Simple linking with Company Accounts software
  • Simple linking with Company Stock Control system
  • Simple linking with Company Resource Booking System
  • Good integration with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Simple integration for website work
  • A good personal To Do scheme and Diary

Apt Projects TCM4000

Unfortunately Apt Projects has ceased trading and support of their long standing TCM4000  contact management database system.