We offer comprehensive on-site ProfiTrace User Training Courses for PROFIBUS network commissioning and maintenance engineers.

These high intensity courses mostly run over a single day for already experienced automation engineers, who preferably have undertaken some prior work on PROFIBUS networks. All courses include revision of PROFIBUS technology basics in order to ensure everyone is up-to-date with current wiring standards and understands how PROFIBUS masters communicate with slaves. We recommend limiting these courses to only 4 students at a time to ensure that everyone is really confident and comfortable with details discussed and to ensure good one-to-one attention can be directed during our extensive hands-on practical sessions.

Pre-printed copies of all associated slides are provided, including many photos and explanations of most commonly seen wiring faults, and how these should have been avoided!

For engineers with less relevant prior experience, our courses can be extended to include much more comprehensive basic PROFIBUS technology and wiring standards grounding. This material is a subset of the material usually included in the formal 1 day Certified PROFIBUS Installer Courses delivered by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and by Control Specialists Ltd.

Although the ProfiTrace kit may be connected to an operational network and software started successfully without any prior training on PROFIBUS basics or on how to effectively use ProfiTrace, this can quickly lead to misunderstandings about the actual health and condition of a network and is very likely to miss critical low level indications and performance warnings available to experienced operators. Knowing how to prepare for taking comprehensive network performance reports is also vital in order to ensure that an accurate and useful record is taken and is rarely understood without prior help.

Typical training classes, some here with time for first trainee practical ProfiTrace work on shop floor

See this links for ProfiTrace Self Test procedure. This is recommended for use before leaving office with your ProfiTrace kit, but may also be useful as an introduction to ProfiTrace for new users.

Then this link for PROFIBUS Cable Length Measurment, using ProfiTrace.

and here for PROFIBUS Network Commissioning using ProfiTrace