Experts in PROFIBUS control system test kit

Hi-Port Controls is an industrial control equipment and services provider, specialising in sale and support of test kit and communications modules for construction and maintenance of PROFIBUS linked control systems…

PROFIBUS fault-finding tools, repeaters, cable, accessories and services for factory and process control automation systems.

February 2024 : Much of the equipment offered in this website is manufactured by Procentec BV, in The Netherlands. Procentec is part of the Swedish HMS Industrial Networks, which has integrated the Procentec brand and its product range into their Anybus Business Unit. As a result of this integration, all of the previously known Procentec products are now Anybus products, joining an extended portfolio of complementary HMS industrial network equipment.

HP-25 Kit Change for 2024 : As remaining stocks of new tone probes are cleared we will discontinue including these in further HP-25 tester kits – following advice from users and distributors. We are currently arranging new foam pads for new HP-25 carrying cases, this opening a free rectangular space which may be used, for example, for a DB9-M12 Tap Lead, or Siemens PROFIBUS Cable Stripper with two spare PROFIBUS plugs. Photographs of the new case will added soon to our current HP-25 page and leaflet shown elsewhere on this website.

Hi-Port Telecom : We still also offer business and domestic telephone wiring maintenance and repair services for the wider Portsmouth area of South Hampshire.

PROFIBUS modules

We offer a wide range of Anybus PROFIBUS Repeaters, Active Terminators and Fibre Optic Link Modules. Several of our PROFIBUS repeaters integrate fibre trunk or fibre ring interfacing to multiple copper segments, together with optional diagnostic features. See also Anybus ComBricks versatile hubs, for multiple segment outputs, including PROFIBUS PA and fibre, all with diagnostics for remote access, 24/7 fault logging and scope for redundant links.

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PROFIBUS analysers

Hi-Port particularly specialises in the sale and support of the versatile Anybus ProfiTrace PROFIBUS Analyser kits, which we have been selling and using since 2004 for all manner of network commissioning, audits and fault-finding projects. We also offer comprehensive onsite ProfiTrace User Training Courses.

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PROFIBUS cable tester

Our now widely used Hi-Port HP-25 PROFIBUS Cable Testers provide a low cost, handy sized and easy to use cable tester for new installations or trouble shooting established networks. The HP-25 may be used for testing of both single cable lengths and multi-drop cable arrays.

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