Hubs and Repeaters

In addition to test equipment for PROFIBUS (and AS-i) networks, we also offer the now widely used range of Procentec PROFIBUS Hubs and Repeaters.

Procentec ProfiHub A5 IP65 PROFIBUS RepeaterFollowing initial release of their IP65 rated Procentec ProfiHub A5, 5 channel repeater for outdoor installation, Procentec repackaged the associated circuits into a smaller format for DIN rail mounting within equipment cabinets – this product, the Procentec ProfiHub B5, includes a solid earth rail for clamping ofProcentec ProfiHub DIN rail mounting 5 channel repeater PROFIBUS cable screens, together with 9-pin D connectors for incoming and outgoing segment connection, or for monitoring of incoming and outgoing segment signals. Alternative screw terminal connectors are provided for incoming/outgoing main PROFIBUS segment connection, for each outgoing segment connection and for 10 to 32 volt DC power supply in each type of unit. Slide termination setting switches are fitted for the main and secondary segments in both the A5 and B5 units.

The ProfiHub A5 units may be supplied with optional heavy internal earth rails for clamping of cable screens. They may also be fitted with internal 110/230 volt AC mains to DC power modules : M12 connectors, instead of the standard cable glands, are also available.

For exceptionally demanding outdoor environments, Procentec also offer the ProfiHub C5 units, which include a ProfiHub B5 module, mounted within a steel waterproof enclosure with robust EMC protection.

Procentec B1 single channel PROFIBUS repeaterThe successful ProfiHub range has been further extended by release of the single channel Procentec B1 Repeater, allowing for dual power supplies, together with the very fast, robust PROFIBUS drive and isolation characteristics of both the ProfiHub A5 and B5 devices.

During 2011, Procentec launched COMbricks modular repeaters with embedded ProfiTrace OE (ProfiTrace-over-Ethernet) for remote network status monitoring. Each COMbricks head station can collect performance COMbricksinformation from up to 4 separate PROFIBUS networks via local backplane, saving this to local SD memory card. Both stored and real-time information can then be accessed via remote computers, with emailed alarm reports of significant events arranged to prompt for data review.

In order to ensure robust termination of PROFIBUS DP networks, we offer the Procentec T1 Active Terminator. This small DIN rail mounted module includes dual power supply features, with 9-pin D connector available for remote segment connection or test point access to allow inspection of waveforms and signals on that segment.

We also offer Siemens Repeaters, Active Terminators and other network components, in addition to cables and cable strip tools.

Anybus PROFIBUS Repeaters

The following PROFIBUS repeaters are offered – please call for pricing Quick links : ComBricks product range With both IP20 and IP65 rated repeaters, Anybus offers a wide range of different models to cater for a huge potential array of alternative network configurations. In addition to straightforward copper segment in to copper out versions, with […]