Important new ComBricks PA Link Module Firmware

Strongly recommended new firmware update for ComBricks PA Link to V3.3.2

The PROCENTEC support department has found operational problems with the ComBricks PA Link module that urgently need to be addressed. Details of the various changes are listed below.

All users of this equipment are strongly urged to install this updated firmware as soon as possible in order to improve the workings and reliability of their related systems.

ComBricks PA Link V3.3.2

Critical Fix : Time bug. After a period of 45 to 49 days, the module could stop and reboot, causing all devices to drop out of data exchange

Critical Fix : FDL bug. Some devices could periodically fail due to a bug in the FDL system, causing that device to drop out of data exchange

Fixed : During startup diagnosis could temporarily be forwarded incorrectly

Fixed : Devices with only outputs did not start data exchange correctly

Fixed : In some cases slow Masters caused the PA Link to reset

Fixed : Sync and Freeze capabilities are filtered automatically, to allow correct startup of devices that do not support this