ProfiTrace Licensing FAQs

(Review needed for 2021 – coming soon! Revised 2014 – see Nov 2012 update at FAQ 9 & 10 about new Licence File locations!)

FAQ 1      Why do I get licence error reports when starting ProfiTrace 2 Software?

Answer : ProfiTrace 2 software needs a licence file in your computer to identify and activate the particular application programs which you have ordered for your ProfiCore Ultra.

(for ProfiTrace 1 and ProfiCaptain 1 see FAQ 8 entry below)

The required licence file is of the form ProfiCoreUltra2_01234.pld, where the digits 01234 shown here will be replaced by the last 5 digits of your 10 digit ProfiCore Ultra Serial Number.

If you have not previously received a licence file for your ProfiCore Ultra, this may be downloaded from, after entering your name, contact details and the serial number of your ProfiCore Ultra. You can then copy the licence file into the /app subdirectory for your ProfiTrace 2 Software installation. Note that the above Procentec download page shows the particular applications that are licensed for your ProfiCore Ultra. (2012 Update : An alternative location for saving the licence file is given below in FAQ 9).

If you are upgrading your ProfiTrace 2 software to a newer version, the installation program will open a totally new folder for that software version under the /Program Files directory in your computer. For example, for V2.9 software this is called /ProfiTrace_V2_9 and is followed by a number of sub-folders, the first of which is called /app. If you have a previous version of the ProfiTrace 2 software for your ProfiCore Ultra in that computer, after installation of the new software, locate the associated licence file for your ProfiCore Ultra under the /app subdirectory for the older version of the software and copy this to the /app subdirectory for the new software. Note that each of these /app subdirectories should include copies of ProfiTrace2.exe files – these being the main ProfiTrace 2 application programs for that version of ProfiTrace.

If you have difficulty in getting a newer version of ProfiTrace 2 software to work properly after installation, you may need to first delete the earlier version, taking care to protect the licence file.

FAQ 2     Do I need separate licence files for ProfiTrace2, ProfiCaptain2, ScopeWare and Topology Scan software for my ProfiCore?

Answer : No, a single licence file for each ProfiCore Ultra will cover all of the separate applications for which you have paid. (With the older ProfiCore 1 units, separate licence files were needed for ProfiTrace and ProfiCaptain software for each ProfiCore).

In the event of purchasing additional applications for upgrade of your ProfiTrace 2 (such as adding Topology Scan) a new version of the original licence file will be generated for you by Procentec, and this must be downloaded from, as described above. You should then delete the older original licence file from your computer and replace this with the new, updated, licence file to allow correct operation of the new features.

FAQ 3      What licence changes do I need for a new application – such as Topology Scan?

Answer : When you order a new application for your ProfiCore Ultra Procentec staff will publish a new licence file for your particular kit. This should be download from, as described above and used to replace the previous licence file in the /Program Files directory of your computer. The new application name will be shown near the top of the Procentec Licence Download Area page and will allow activation of that function when your ProfiTrace software is next started.

FAQ 4     Can I copy the software and run it on different computers?

Answer : Yes! The ProfiTrace2 software may be installed on any number of different computers and there used for review and training (as explained below) without need for a software licence file. You may also connect and use your ProfiCore Ultra with any of these computer too, but will first need to copy the associated ProfiCore Ultra licence file into each required computer to allow correct operation with that ProfiCore.

FAQ 5     How do we cope if we have several ProfiCore Ultra’s available?

Answer : If you wish to use more than one ProfiCore Ultra with any one computer, then you should copy licence files for all available ProfiCore Ultras into the /app subdirectory in your computer, so that each of the ProfiCores will be able to work correctly. (or see FAQ 9 for alternative license entry method which is now preferred)

FAQ 6     How can I check which applications are licensed for my ProfiCore Ultra?

Answer : If you log-in to the Procentec website Licensing Page (, entering your contact details and the serial number of your ProfiCore Ultra, you will be taken to the ProfiCore Ultra – Licence Download Page. This will show you which application software is currently licensed to your ProfiCore Ultra, any previous licence file download history and a link to download the file again, if necessary….and/or see FAQ 10 below for alternative method, which will show details of licence files already installed in your computer.

FAQ 7     Can I run a free demonstration of ProfiTrace 2 and Topology Scan Software?

Answer : Yes. Install ProfiTrace software from any available ProfiTrace Software installation CD, or download latest version from the website, install and run. When you see the main  ProfiTrace application page, including Live List, select top left corner Load Data button, and double click on the topology example file offered in the Open Dialogue window. This gives display of data from an example network, with Live List, Message details, Bar graph, Topology and Network Manager displays all available.

FAQ 8     Can I still download ProfiTrace 1 and ProfiCaptain 1 Software for ProfiCore 1 devices?

Answer : Yes. Go to the bottom of the web page, taking the Download Software link. This will take you to a registration form asking for your contact details. Complete this for access to a further link to the software download page. The software download page offers latest versions of ProfiTrace 1 and ProfiTrace 2 software, and ProfiCaptain 1. Remember that you will need a valid licence file for each of your licensed ProfiCore 1 applications. These licence files include both the name of the licensed software package and the last 4 characters of the device serial number, such as ProfiCaptain1_0234.pld. After installation of the required software, copy the associated licence file to the /app sub-directory, under the associated software folder heading (such as /ProfiTrace_V1_6/app) to allow operation of that software with your ProfiCore 1 device.

FAQ 9 Where are license files installed? – November 2012 update

Answer : The ProfiTrace2 licence file installation procedure has been update to locate these files in a common location in each computer so that they do not then need to be copied again for each new sofware upgrade. If the automatic online licence search option or manual location facilities are used when a new ProfiCore Ultra is connected to the computer with the ProfiTrace software running, the license files will be installed in a common application directory (instead of the previously used \app folder).

– On Windows 7 it is usually located in : “C:\ProgramData\procentec\proficoreultra
– On Windows XP it is usually located in : “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\procentec\proficoreultra

Note: these new folders will usually be ‘hidden folders’, so not normally visible under folder search facilities.


FAQ 10 How can I see which license files are installed?

Answer : Start ProfiTrace program, selecting the License info tool option under top row Help. Lowest Show list of installed licenses button to right of ensuing Licence info & license utility dialog may be used to trigger listing of all licence files, both from current version /App folder and any XP Document and Settings or Vista/Win 7 ProgramData folders. Each such report line to left of window shows the last 5 digits of the ProfiCore Ultra Serial No. to which it applies, and the associated applications that are activated under that licence.

These notes prepared by Richard Needham at Hi-Port Telecom


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