ComBricks Drawings

The following series of drawings show how the basic ComBricks modules may be combined and used in PROFIBUS networks to provide 24/7 performance checking, logging and remote access to allow current real-time network status and recorded information to be seen – using only a browser program. Additionally, for hub applications, the backplane may be used […]

Important new ComBricks PA Link Module Firmware

Strongly recommended new firmware update for ComBricks PA Link to V3.3.2 The PROCENTEC support department has found operational problems with the ComBricks PA Link module that urgently need to be addressed. Details of the various changes are listed below. All users of this equipment are strongly urged to install this updated firmware as soon as […]

ProfiTrace V2.9.6 Release

New Cable Length Measurement feature in ProfiTrace V2.9.6 As well as adding a number of software corrections, the new ProfiTrace V2.9.6 release has added a new cable length measurement feature for unpowered PROFIBUS cables. After starting ProfiTrace in the normal manner, register your ProfiCore Ultra (by clicking on the Int.Proficore Ultra button), locate and click […]

Quick demo / test procedure for ProfiHub B5+RD

Basic Quick Demo (in course of update!) The following procedure will get your ProfiHub B5+R(D) up and running as a PROFIBUS DP slave, showing details of front panel terminator switch changes via ProfiTrace Live List Info Panel with Extended Diagnostics. We include saving set-up details for later. It is assumed that very similar procedure, using […]

Procentec ProfiHub B5+R and other repeaters enhanced with diagnostics

  Procentec has added diagnostic check and reporting features to the long standing B5+R 5-way repeater and to their B2+R, B2FO2, B2FOR, B4FO2, B4FOR and D1 repeaters, to provide automatic 24/7 detection and alerting of device and connected network changes which are reported to the PLC in normal data exchange messages and shown via new  […]

Detailed Procedure : ProfiTrace for Commissioning

Full procedures is as follows :- 1)    Connect your ProfiCore Ultra (PROFIBUS to USB adapter) to the intended PLC/ Master end of your network and to your computer, if necessary adding extra PROFIBUS cable to ensure 3 metre length to first slave (to enable later Topology Scan). 2)     Start the ProfiTrace program, then click […]

ProfiTrace for Commissioning New PROFIBUS Networks

The ProfiCaptain STOP Mode has previously been explained as offering a quick way of testing a ProfiCore Ultra adapter and for measuring PROFIBUS cable lengths – see links below for associated instructions.  ProfiCaptain STOP mode is also useful for commissioning new PROFIBUS networks. When a ProfiCore Ultra is connected in place of a PLC/Master on […]

ProfiTrace V2.7.1 Software Upgrade

Comments: • New: SYNC & FREEZE functionality implemented in ProfiCaptain. • New: Identification & Maintenance functions for DP-V1 devices in ProfiCaptain.   See Procentec YouTube Video explaining these new features • Improvement: Initialization of the ProfiCore Ultra is faster. • Improvement: Enhanced CommDTM Live List algorithm for non conforming PA devices. • Fix: When more […]

Live COMbricks Demo Website Enhanced

Procentec staff are frequenty enhancing details and content of their live COMbricks demo web page and, for example, have recently added the new Diagnostic slave info link to show associated new facilities to simplify decoding of reports from the new diagnostic repeater slaves! The demo site opens showing the Channel List page with realistic pictures […]

ProfiTrace Toolkit with software on USB Data Carrier

PROFIBUS Cable Length Measurement with ProfiTrace

A Procentec ProfiTrace kit provides several easy ways of measuring the length of PROFIBUS cables. The layout and size of operational network segments, if running at 500 kbps or 1.5 Mbps, can be mapped using the ProfiTrace Topology Scan program. Alternatively, individual cables lengths can also be measured using the Cable Length Measurement tool, available […]

Self Test ProfiTrace and ProfiCore Ultra

Because ProfiTrace with ProfiCore Ultra provides master, bus monitor and oscilloscope in one package, it is very easy to run a comprehensive self test procedure. Procedure follows :- 1) Remove all PROFIBUS cables from the black ProfiCore module (including Tap connector), leaving only the USB lead connecting the adapter to your computer USB port 2) […]

Quickstart your first ComBricks project

(Note : before undertaking the following procedure, it is recommended that you locate, download and install the free Procentec ComBricks Network Condition Indicator Program, which is available from Procentec ComBricks is a flexible, modular, range of PROFIBUS repeaters offering extensive network performance monitoring and 24/7 local data logging facilities for remote access via the […]

ProfiTrace Licensing FAQs

(Review needed for 2021 – coming soon! Revised 2014 – see Nov 2012 update at FAQ 9 & 10 about new Licence File locations!) FAQ 1      Why do I get licence error reports when starting ProfiTrace 2 Software? Answer : ProfiTrace 2 software needs a licence file in your computer to identify and […]


COMbricks™ – Networking, Monitoring and Control COMbricks™ – The first PROFIBUS and PROFINET- based automation system that unites network components, permanent monitoring with ProfiTrace and remote I/O. COMbricks allows you to remotely monitor your PROFIBUS installations from anywhere in the world and will alert you if any faults arise or are likely to arise. It’s […]

PROFIBUS Fault-finding Services and ProfiTrace Training

In addition to PROFIBUS equipment we also offer PROFIBUS network design, installation and commissioning advice, and support this with on-site network audit and fault-finding services, frequently in response to urgent requests for help. Although many of our ProfiTrace customers have seen the kit before and been trained in its use, many are totally new to […]

ProfiTrace PROFIBUS Analyser

  Procentec ProfiTrace 2 is the most powerful analyzer for PROFIBUS networks. The very latest generation in bus monitoring technology, combining all primary tools : Busmonitor Oscilloscope Bar graph Topology Scan Reporting DP Master OPC Server Technicians can check and troubleshoot a complete PROFIBUS network with 1 software package on their laptop PC and 1 […]