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ComBricks Drawings

The following series of drawings show how the basic ComBricks modules may be combined and used in PROFIBUS networks to provide 24/7 performance checking, logging and remote access to allow current real-time network status and recorded information to be seen – using only a browser program. Additionally, for hub applications, the backplane may be used […]

New ComBricks post – 2021

Procentec ComBricks provides a flexible range of PROFIBUS network performance monitoring and PROFIBUS message distribution modules, covering a diverse spread of different applications and structures. These run from simple single PROFIBUS network 24/7 performance monitoring sets, with local result logging and remote access features, to complex hub arrays potentially covering up to 4 different PROFIBUS […]

HP-25 PROFIBUS Cable Tester

This small handheld device checks for the most frequently found cable connection faults seen with PROFIBUS DP wiring between pairs of 9-pin D-sub PROFIBUS plugs and over daisy chained PROFIBUS cables. The software checks for and reports open lines, short circuits between cores, shorts between screen and cores, and crossed connections, reporting any such failures […]

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Procentec ComBricks

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About Us

About Us

Hi-Port Controls for PROFIBUS fault-finding and components

PROFIBUS fault-finding tools, repeaters, cable, accessories and services for factory and process control automation systems Looking for help with PROFIBUS network design, new PROFIBUS system commissioning, network audits or PROFIBUS fault-finding? Hi-Port may well be able to help! We offer a range of PROFIBUS network modules, test equipment, cable, connectors and tools – with advice […]